7 exercises for health at home in old age

7 exercises for health at home in old age

We agree that the best physical exercise is walking. But if you are lazy to walk 30 to 60 minutes at least every two days or if your limitations prevent you, you can propose to perform soft exercises at home. It is important, however, to know that we do not suffer any cardiac disease. If not, go ahead! The NIH (National Institute on Aging of the United States) is one of the institutions in charge of elaborating what type of exercises the most are recommended for you. Mainly those where the aerobic component predominates or those that allow you to reach a muscular tone.

Physical exercise 1:

Bring your head forward and backward giving the route that allows our articulation but without forcing. Then, put your ear to your shoulder and bring your chin to your shoulder, slowly and stopping in the center. Finally, move your head taking it to one side and another as “saying no,” giving it all the way our articulation allows but without forcing Let’s do 10 series for each movement.

Physical exercise 2:

Stand and do legs separated shoulder-width apart hands at the waist flex the trunk laterally. Go back to the center and repeat to the other side. Repeat 10 times. When finished, put your hands on your waist, feet together. Rotate the hip on one side and another doing circles with your pelvis. Rotate your waist in this way at least another 10 times.

Physical exercise 3:

Arms stretched in the air and knees bent. Move the right arm to your left. And your left arm to the right, each time with more rhythm and intensity.

Physical exercise 4:

Stand about 15 centimeters from an alga table or the back of a chair with your feet apart. Lean toward the chair until it is about 45 degrees. Lift the leg back, stretched, slowly. Stay in this position. Begin to slowly lower your leg until you reach the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. Repeat alternately 10 times.

Physical exercise 5:

Hold a dumbbell (or any other object of some weight) in each hand with your arms on either side. Folding the arms at the elbows lift the weights towards the shoulders and then lower them towards your sides. Repeat 10 times. Follow with the weights. Hold one to each hand with your arms at your side. Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears, and then turn them back down. The 2020 medicare advantage plans are the best supplement to your exercise.